Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Baby Names (Part 1)

Even though the first day of spring was over a month ago, I couldn't help but do a post about springtime baby names! Spring is a wonderful time to have a baby, and if you need some inspiration, look no further than the season! Since I have so many names picked out, I am going to do this in two parts. This post is going to be the girls' names. Let's get started!

 I'll first talk about Spring, probably the most obvious of the bunch. I'm thinking this name might soon start to take off, considering the popularity of its other season sisters like Summer and Autumn, and Winter seems to be becoming quite trendy now. You'd have to be brave to use it, but I think it would make a lovely (and fitting) choice.

 Maia is the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flowers. I absolutely love this name! I think this name is definitely usable, having the same feel as Mia (number 9 on the popularity charts) , with a bit of a more exotic flair. Maia is Greek and means mother, and can also be spelled Maya, which is more common.

 Cerelia is a Latin name meaning relating to springtime. It is a pretty uncommon choice, but I think she would fit right in with all the Amelias, Cecelias, and Aurelias out there. The nickname Lia also makes it much more familiar sounding.

 Anthea is also a good choice for spring babies. A Greek name, it means flowery, which is (usually) what springtime is. If you like it, but it feels a little too out there for you, consider using the nicknames Annie or Thea ( I love both!).

 And to go along with this flower theme, any flower name woulld be sufficient to be a spring name. Here are some of my favorites!

Calla- I talked about this name in my last post. Another similar name for you is Calantha, which is Greek and means lovely flower. Both are great choices.
 Azalea- A more out there choice. The trendy Z and the Lea ending make it destined for use though.
 Zinnia- You might need some guts to go with this name, but it has a very spunky, cute feel.
 Lilac- A great Lily/Lila/Leila alternative. It has the same soft feel, but a bit more distinctive.
 Rose- A bit more popular than the other flower names I've mentioned. If you want something a bit different, try something with the same meaning like Rosa, Rosalie/lia Rosaline, or Rosella.
 Daisy- Would be a cute choice. This could also be a nickname for Margaret.
 Violet- Has been receiving alot of attention ever since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose this for their baby girl. If its getting to popular for you, consider Violette or Violetta.

 Some more springtime plants or green names are:

Meadow- I've been hearing this name a lot lately, maybe its the new Savannah?
 Chloe- A top ten name, meaning young green shoot. A more distinctive, yet still springtime choice could be Clover.
 Briar- Another nature name, a briar is a thorny patch. The name that Aurora used when she was in hiding in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"
 Fern- Sounds so sweet and fresh to me! Also a literary name from "Charlotte's Web"

 A few more names I'd like to mention are bird names. Its not spring without hearing the birds chirping, right?

 Lark- I love this name! Its so fresh and new. It could also be a great middle name choice. The French Alouette could also be a nice choice, if the children's song ringing in your head doesn't bother you.
 Wren- I've been hearing this name a lot lately as well. Would make a sweet and stylish choice.
 Sparrow- You might have to be a little bit more brave to use this one, but I would love to hear this name more often!

Okay, so that's all of the girls names! Hopefully I'll have the boys names up soon!

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